Ludhiana: Khanna Woman Fights Chain Thieves | Ludhiana News – Times of India

LUDHIANA: In a daring move, a woman fought off chain thieves and made them run after they allegedly tried to snatch her gold jewelry in Khanna area of ​​Ludhiana district in Punjab on Monday.
The woman’s bravery was captured in CCTV footage.
Police said when Meenu, a teacher, arrived on a scooter near Chowdhury Bhishan Prakash Park on Peerkhana Road in Khanna, two miscreants on motorbikes tried to snatch her gold chain.
They added that the woman resisted the assailants for 10 minutes, however, as soon as the bikers began to rip the chain around her neck, she sat on the back of the bike and grabbed them.
Police said the cyclists dragged the woman, but she was holding one of the miscreants.
They added that even though the woman fell while running, the accused could not escape. However, they fled after knocking her down.
Meenu said she was riding a scooter home with her child and the cyclists were following them.
She further added that as soon as she stopped in front of the gate of her house, a biker grabbed the chain, but she immediately grabbed him pushing him.
She told the cops the biker dragged her, but she wouldn’t let go of the passenger and he also fell trying to get rid of her.
When the woman sounded the alarm, people in the neighborhood gathered, and seeing this, the bikers fled from the place.

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