Loki revealed the true origin and secret purpose of the Infinity Stones

In a dark meta-story, Loki uncovered the true origin of the Infinity Stones, their purpose on Earth-616, and their connection to the Celestials.

While the Infinity stones have shaped huge swathes of Marvel history, only a few people know their true purpose, and one of them is Loki. The Asgardian trickster made his discovery in the Infinity wars event, playing on a clash between Thanos, Gamora and Marvel’s heroes and villains to travel beyond the limits of reality and learn the ultimate truth – a truth that has transformed the way he views the multiverse and his place within it. this one.

The Infinity Stones (or Infinity Gems) are cosmic artifacts that control time, space, reality, mind, soul, and power. At one point, suggested as the remnants of the ultra-powerful being Nemesis, the Infinity Stones were destroyed and recreated in the past, but they keep coming back, seemingly tied into the very fabric of reality. Used by Thanos to wipe out half of all life, the Infinity Stones live in infamy, but in Infinity wars Loki has brought them together for an ambitious end – to cross the final limit of the divine career in the heart of creation and to learn what lies beyond.


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Loki’s journey takes place in Infinity Wars # 5 and # 6 by Gerry Duggan and Mike Deodato Jr., but is mysterious in nature, with more clarity added by Loki’s explanation in Wolverine: Infinity Watch # 5 by Duggan and Andy MacDonald. After piercing God’s career, Loki finds himself in “the Prime Universe” – a world littered with Infinity Stones abandoned countless realities. In the sky are suspended beings who appear to be Celestials, one of whom directs Loki to a reflective black surface in which Loki guesses he will see his future. What Loki sees leaves him defeated and he leaves the First Universe, telling the Celestials they should “Stop throwing stones at our universe.”

Origin of Loki Infinity stones

In Wolverine: infinity watch, Loki explains more of what he witnessed, describing the Infinity Stones as “the keys to the skeleton of this universe, but they are controlled … they serve the will of others.” Loki’s implication is that the Celestials of the First Universe threw a set of Infinity Stones into each reality, allowing whoever possesses them almost infinite power, but a power that is ultimately wielded for the cosmic beings’ own ends. While these beings resemble ordinary Celestials in Infinity wars, they take on a more uniform and ghostly appearance in Wolverine: infinity watch, suggesting that they may be above the Celestials other realities in power and influence.

Although Loki does not explain what the Celestials of the First Universe actually to want to launch Infinity Stones into the multiverse, the involvement of Infinity wars is that the Celestials are the successors of the Marvel writers. Loki calls them puppeteers, saying: “No one other than me is writing my story.” He tells the Celestials they need to grow taller, asking them if they influence the lives of mortals. “For us – or for you?” “ Finally, when Loki gazes into the black area indicated by the Celestials, he gazes at the reader before bursting into defeated laughter. While Loki may or may not fully appreciate that he’s in a comic book, he seems to realize that his story is out of his control.

Creative career of Loki Infinity Stones

Regardless of how they are used in the individual realities they occupy, the Infinity Stones all seem to come from the first universe, thrown into different realities so that their Heavenly Masters can influence events (ultimately, that’s implied, of the same impulse that motivates any creator to complicate the lives of fictional characters.) Loki even learns he’s discovered this disheartening truth before, only to change the time to try and save himself from angst. the Infinity stones‘heavy, meta origin may have been the last thing Loki wanted to hear, but it keeps the promise of artifacts that allow their user to control reality itself, even to the point of realizing that they exist for someone else’s pleasure.

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