Kendall Roy’s Favorite Channel is a Work of Art

In the intense Sunday season finale of the popular HBO drama Succession, an unlikely source of fashion inspiration once again, thanks to Kendall Roy.

After showing up to her mother’s Tuscan wedding with a freshly shaved head, Kendall sat down with her siblings for an emotional conversation that has been dubbed the ‘intervention scene’ by Twitter. As Kendall passionately opened up to her ultra-competitive siblings, one thing stood out. It was an oversized chain created by LIZWORKS and Rashid Johnson.

Worn over a simple gray t-shirt and paired with a pair of chunky black sunglasses, the grand jewelry design took center stage. While her previous attempts to create an edgy look had failed, there was something different about this outfit.

In a time when Adam Sandler is the hottest celebrity style star of 2021, perhaps our postmodern love for an ironic style icon has extended to Kendall’s over-the-top cuts. Or maybe he just looked good.

Limited to just 15 pieces and retailing for $ 15,500, the limited-edition piece of jewelry is what elevated Kendall’s look. Engraved in the large 9k gold pendant is a face that comes from Johnson’s anxious men series.

Portraits have become part of the multifaceted artist’s work since 2015, as the American artist continues to address themes of African-American life and politics.

This is not the first time that Kendall has worn this chain. In the episode “Too Much Birthday”, where Kendall made us all look at her Gucci jacket from 2017, it was worn over a green turtleneck sweater.

The unlikely grails and ultra-rare items the middle-aged tech mogul manages to find his way into have officially caught our attention.

In fact, real life Kendall Roy aka Jeremy Strong is a fan of this channel as well. The design is taken from his personal wardrobe and is something he wore to the final season premiere of Succession.

In a recent New York profile of the actor, it was clear that the lines between Strong and Kendall had become blurred, with the actor wearing his character’s quirky jacket.

Kind of a method working through clothing, the introduction of her channel helped make Kendall’s style a guilty pleasure for us.

Items from the collection, including Kendall’s favorite necklace, are still available. Check out some LIZWORKS x Rashid Johnson jewelry below.

Gold cuff

Gold signet ring

Gold ring

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