Julia and Brandon stun fans with a model makeover

90 Day Fiancé couple Julia Trubkina and Brandon Gibbs look unrecognizable in their latest makeovers as they enjoy an expensive holiday in Dubai.

Russian 90 day fiance Star Julia Trubkina and husband Brandon Gibbs have shocked fans by revealing their model makeover while vacationing in Dubai. At the start of their journey 90 day fiance season 8, Julia struggled to adjust to Brandon’s farm life. The Virginia man had to stay with his parents Ron and Betty, who forced Julia to sleep in a separate room, wake up early and tend to the farm animals. Julia and Brandon had no intimacy, but shortly after their marriage the couple moved from the Dinwiddie farmhouse to an apartment in Richmond. Things still weren’t going well for Brandon and Julia, who found out about Ron’s cancer diagnosis.


However, fans saw how Brandon and Julia quickly became close to her parents and started visiting the farm from time to time. The couple planned to move to Florida, where they would take up painting work after Brandon quit his previous job in pest control. However, Brandon’s boss offered him a promotion which caused him and Julia to reconsider their decision in Florida which Ron and Betty disagreed with. Brandon and Julia now live in Virginia Beach and are expected to purchase their own home soon. They recently hit a roadblock when Julia revealed she could be deported because Brandon didn’t fill out his green card paperwork six months in advance because they didn’t have the right paperwork for the application. .

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But it seems that everything is fine with Julia and Brandon‘s world, as they are currently in Dubai celebrating Brandon’s 30th birthday. They posted fun content from their trip on Instagram, including the beautiful views from their room, their camel rides and Brandon and Julia showing off their dancing skills. However, what really shocked 90 day fiance fans was their last post in which Brandon tagged them as “#model.90 day fiance stars Brandon and Julia posed on their hotel balcony wearing stylish outfits viewers have never seen them in.

Fans know Brandon and Julia as a couple who always dress comfortably and comfortably, especially when they go out to run errands on the farm or create Reels with Ron and Betty. But this time around Brandon wore a smart beige suit and Julia complimented him by wearing an animal print mini dress with pointy heels. Brandon shared two photos of him and Julia doing two different poses. He asked fans to choose between the two via his caption. Julia commented: “we are fabulous“, under the message. One of their 90 day fiance fans told Julia the first photo reminded them of a Bond movie. “You have to dress her like that all the time! You’ll look like a Dolce & Gabbana ad!said another TLC viewer.

Several other fans said they didn’t even recognize Brandon and Julia, who look like they should be on a magazine cover. It makes sense, since Julia has dabbled in modeling in the past. For Brandon, it’s a different case. Julia recently told fans that she and Brandon could afford those expensive trips because they were both working full-time at their new jobs. The trip to Dubai in particular was not sponsored by 90 day fiancebut instead, Julia and Brandon used their savings by not spending unnecessarily on expensive clothes or jewelry.

Source: Brandon Gibbs/Instagram

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