HSN expands the reach of live shopping

The HSN service is now available on a major new platform.

HSN, part of mcross-platform video commerce provider Qurate Retail Inc., debuted on YouTube TV, a live TV streaming platform with over 5 million subscribers and tries in the United States. As a result, HSN now offers live video commerce programming in a variety of product categories on YouTube TV, which is available on smart TVs, streaming media players, apps for smartphones, tablets, computers, game consoles and displays. smart.

HSN joins sister brand QVC, also a subsidiary of Qurate Retail, as the only two retailers currently on YouTube TV. The retailer features a curated assortment of products in categories including health and beauty, jewelry, home/lifestyle, fashion/accessories, and electronics. Other HSN customer touchpoints include two linear channels, a website and mobile app, a purchasable streaming service, and social pages.

In June 2022, Qurate Retail Inc. launched a web version of its interactive streaming shopping service for its QVC and HSN banners. The QVC+ and HSN+ streaming experience is available to approximately 120 million Internet-connected homes in the United States, as well as several popular streaming platforms.

QVC+ and HSN+ offer live, on-demand, and streaming-only content in a single, fully purchasable app. The streaming service combines QVC and HSN’s five linear channels (QVC, QVC2, QVC3, HSN and HSN2) with three digital-only linear channels and approximately 20 original streaming-only shows.

The streaming-only shows include exclusive deals, documentary-style in-depth dives into specific brands and celebrities, and culinary programming. Digital-only linear channels include fashion, culinary and Spanish-language offerings.

QVC too recently launched the first live shopping channel on FuboTV. QVC offers 20 hours a day of live video commerce programming (and four hours of pre-recorded content), showcasing top brands and new products featured by celebrities and other personalities who interact with customers in real time across multiple platforms.

FuboTV, which has 1.06 million subscribers in North America (as of Q1 2022), is available on most connected and smart TVs, game consoles, mobile apps, tablets and the web.

With the launch, QVC is now available on major digital over-the-air television subscription services, which have a combined total of approximately 14 million subscribers in the United States. These services are also known as vMVPDs, or virtual distributors of multi-channel video programming. As a result, QVC now reaches nearly 95% of over-the-air digital pay TV households in the United States.

Together, QVC and HSN reach more than 200 million households worldwide through 14 television networks and reach millions more through multiple streaming services, websites, mobile apps and social pages.

“HSN brings its unique and engaging live video shopping experience to YouTube TV, one of the leading live TV streaming platforms,” said David Apostolico, Senior Vice President, Platform Strategy, Development and distribution, vCommerce ventures at Qurate Retail Group. “We are excited to welcome new customers to HSN through YouTube TV, while providing our existing customers with another convenient way to access their favorite HSN programming.”

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