House burglarized in old model lot when owner was away

Miscreants targeted a house in the Old Model Ground area and escaped on Saturday with valuables worth thousands of dollars; Shahjehanabad police have opened an investigation.

Police said the victim Asifa Shezaad had gone to meet his mother-in-law in the same locality and when he returned he found that the valuables had been broken into.

A complaint was filed by the victim to the Shahjehanabad and in her complaint she said that she went to her mother-in-law’s house and on her return the almirah was found broken and jewelry was found broken into .

Three days ago the keys to the main gate were lost and on Saturday she locked the door and went to meet, which proved costly.

After returning home and when she entered the house, jewelry was found broken into.

The victim claimed that gold and silver jewelery worth several thousand rupees was broken into. Based on the complaint filed after the preliminary investigation, the police registered a case under Articles 454 and 380 of the ICC and opened further investigation.

Police said CCTV footage from nearby cameras would be searched as part of the further investigation. The neighbors were unaware of the burglary. The victim’s husband works as an auto mechanic and runs a shop in the same neighborhood.

The burglary was committed within a short period of time, which suggests that the perpetrators knew where the victim was.

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