Greg Yuna collaborates with SLAM to create “The Basketball Bible” gold chain

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Go to Dyckman or West 4and or Gersh on a Saturday afternoon and watch some basketball. The energy, passion and drive you see is not common in parks around the world – it’s a New York thing. Famous jeweler and Queens native Greg Yuna knows this. In fact, having grown up around her, he brought the same kind of mentality to his own successful business.

“Basketball inspired all of us, especially being from New York. If you were in New York, you ended up playing in a city park,” Yuna tells SLAM. “Basketball is a competitive sport everyone played basketball growing up. It’s just super competitive – you take that and then apply it to your real life. Once you step off the court, it’s the same shit. This world of jewelry is basically my basketball court. So it’s like, how many times can we dunk this week?”

Yuna established her luxury jewelry brand in the heart of Manhattan’s Diamond District in 2017. Given her creativity, unique aesthetic, and relentless drive, the business has continued to thrive ever since. He feeds on the energy of his hometown – the same energy that permeates the asphalt courts and helped inspire the birth of SLAM over twenty-five years ago. “Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t stop. And New York is one of those places that doesn’t stop,” says Yuna. “It’s just go, go, go, go.”

SLAM was founded in 1994, in New York, as a publication covering the intersection of basketball and hip-hop culture. It was a celebration of the game played not just in massive arenas, but in parks and playgrounds like Dyckman, West 4and and Gersch. Over the years, the magazine has established itself as “The Basketball Bible,” while continuing to touch upon the worlds of music, sneakers, fashion, art, and more.

In her thriving business, Yuna also mixes many of these worlds. He has partnered with lifestyle brands such as Nike, Boss and Kith, and has created jewelry for clients including Floyd Mayweather, Drake, Nigel Sylvester, Russell Westbrook, Rudy Gay, PJ Tucker and Al Harrington. His attention to detail and care for every product – from rings to bracelets to necklaces – has earned him a reputation as “The Cleanest”.

“It speaks for itself, really,” Yuna says of the nickname. “I’m very, very careful [to my pieces]. My priority is to make sure everything is super clean and just perfect. My eye starts twitching when something goes wrong. I just like to keep it very sharp.

Collaborating with SLAM, Yuna maintained the same approach to create the unique “Basketball Bible” chain, a 14k gold pendant. Three diamonds have been embedded in the stars of the SLAM logo, which appears in the middle of the coin, and engraved details include SLAM’s year of origin in Roman numerals and two major slogans: “Respect The Game” and “The Basketball Bible”. Yuna’s team sandblasted the gold to give it a more authentic feel.

“The Basketball Bible” pendant and chain are available now.

“Every time I picked up a bible, it was always a textured feel. It was never like shiny; it was always hard,” says Yuna. “I thought about applying that to the part we make. It’s not always about making a piece of jewelry shine, it’s about bringing out the art in it.We sandblasted the piece to give it that textured feel and brought it to life.

The pendant, which drops December 10, is priced at $9,400. Anyone who finds themselves with it, wherever they are in the world, should know this: it’s a product of New York City, the energy, passion and drive that floods the basketball courts and the Diamond District.

“Automatically, you should feel special when you receive a unique piece,” says Yuna. “My team and I have created something where it really is art. I feel like he should be cherished.

Unique artwork by Greg Yuna features detailed engravings of SLAM’s founding year in Roman numerals, our slogan on the back of the coin, and SLAM’s iconic logo embellished with diamonds. BUY NOW.

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