Elden Ring Smithing Stones farm: how to improve my equipment?

So you played Ring of Elden for a few hours, and unless you’re some kind of Soulsborne master, without upgrade your weapons it probably taught you some hard lessons.

Before you jump into grinding mobs of junk for Runes to over-level your character and power through combat, you might actually want to direct those efforts elsewhere. This is because Elden Ring doesn’t really care about your character’s level, it mostly looks what is the power of your weapon.

Now different weapons will scale differently with your different stats, but the main contributor to your overall DPS is your weapon level. In other words, how many times said weapon has been upgraded up to that point.

How can you upgrade weapons in Elden Ring?

Upgrading weapons in Elden Ring is an incredibly simple process that only involves two types of items. The game calls them Forging stonesand Dark Forge Stones – and as you can imagine, there are several levels of each that your weapon will gradually need as its power increases.

Of course, the lowest levels are the most common and generally the easiest to grow. The higher you go, the rarer the Smithing Stone levels will be. Kale, the merchant you first meet at Elleh’s Church at the very beginning of the game (the one who sells the crafting kit), has a forge table next to it that will upgrade your weapon up to +3.

To upgrade your weapon beyond this, you will need a blacksmith. The first blacksmith you will encounter is in the central area of ​​The Roundtable Hold. Master Hewg will take your weapons the rest of the way, if you bring him the necessary Smithing Stones.

You can easily see how many you need for a given weapon upgrade by clicking on the ‘Reinforce armaments‘ menu option. You will also need to pay a small fee in runes for each upgrade.

How many Smithing Stones and Dark Smithing Stones do you need for upgrades in Elden Ring?

Smithing Stones are what you will need to upgrade normal weapons. Special weapons, such as those that drop from bosses or have unique Ash of War skills that cannot be modded, require Dark Forge Shops instead. Normal weapons can be taken up to +25while special weapons can only go up to +10.

There are nine levels of Smithing Stones, and ten levels of Dark Smithing Stones. The level of each stone is indicated in brackets next to its name, so Smithing Stone [1] and [2] etc

Some Smithing Stone tiers will upgrade your weapon to three tiers, and others to just one. The Dark Smithing Stones all grant a single level of upgrade each, so it’s easier to calculate.

Smithing Stone Leveling Guide

  • forging stone [1] – +5
  • forging stone [2] – +6
  • forging stone [3] – +9
  • forging stone [4] – +12
  • forging stone [5] – +15
  • forging stone [6] – +18
  • forging stone [7] – +21
  • forging stone [8] – +24
  • forging stone [9] – +25

Dark Smithing Stone Leveling Guide

  • dark forge stone [1] – +1
  • dark forge stone [2] – +2
  • dark forge stone [3] – +3
  • dark forge stone [4] – +4
  • dark forge stone [5] – +5
  • dark forge stone [6] – +6
  • dark forge stone [7] – +7
  • dark forge stone [8] – +8
  • dark forge stone [9] – +9
  • dark forge stone [10] – +10

How to get unlimited Smithing Stones in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring actually offers players who like to explore multiple ways to reliably get Smithing Stones and Somber Smithing Stones. To do this, you will need certain key items which make the Smithing Stones available for purchase from certain vendors an unlimited number of times.

There are different levels of this key item, each unlocking more Smithing Stone levels upon purchase. We’ll cover two of these below, but be warned, some of them are in high-level areas that you won’t have access to for quite a while.

Apart from that, there is another blacksmith you will meet, who sells unlimited Somber Smithing Stone [1] & [2]as well as a limited stock of [3] & [4]. His name is Master Blacksmith Iji and you’ll find them west of Liurnia of the Lakes, on the road to Caria Manor.

Starting from the grace site on the north shore of Lake Liurnia, continue to follow the road north. A little past the Kingsrealm Ruins, you’ll find Master Iji on your left, next to a well-placed Grace site.

Where to find Forge Miner’s Bell Bearing [1] in Elden Ring

Smithing Miner’s Bell Rolling [1] is one of the elements in question. When acquired, it can be given to the Twin Maiden Carcasses vendor at the Round Table to expand their inventory, allowing you to purchase an infinite amount of Smithing Stone [1] & [2].

Smithing Miner’s Bell Rolling [1] East a reward for beating Crystalianan optional boss that can be found at the end of the Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel, located east of the East Gate Raya Lucaria. You will find the entrance to the tunnel in the cliffs on the northeast shore.

The Crystalian combat is fairly straightforward, although it can be a bit confusing at first. The boss will take very little damage from your normal attacks, but the key is to break his super armor and land a critical hit, which will deal major damage and ultimately allow you to defeat him.

To reliably damage his super armor, perform jump heavy attacks, charged heavy attacks, and guard counters. The Crystalian’s attacks are easy to read and punish, but your main challenge will be keeping an eye out for the ring blade, which can get behind you when thrown. To help relieve some of that pressure, consider ringing the bell and summoning a few spirits. Most of them will work here, because you only need them to confuse the boss follow.

With the bell roll in hand, return to the round table and walk over to the Twin Maiden Husks vendor. You’ll find them in the first hallway on your left when you spawn. Keep going and they’ll be on the right in the other room.

Where to find Forge Miner’s Bell Bearing [2] in Elden Ring

Smithing Miner’s Bell Rolling [2] is a similar item, except it expands the inventory of Maiden Husks to also include unlimited Smithing Stone [3] & [4]. This is located in the Sealed tunneleast of the Altus Plateau, on the southwest (outer) side of the inner capital wall.

Unlike the first bell, you don’t need to fight any bosses for this one (although we recommend exploring the tunnel and picking up the Smithing Stones lying around). the Forge Miner’s Bell Bearing [2] is in a trunk. After breaking the illusory wall, follow the road and go through the cart and the wooden crates. Keep going and you’ll find the chest on the right.

Once the second bell roll is acquired, return to the Twin Maiden Husks at the Roundtable Hold and offer it to them.

Where can you farm Smithing Stones in Elden Ring?

Now that you have a reliable and repeatable way to purchase certain levels of Smithing Stone, the best option is to simply farm runes and buy what you need. Of course, the higher tiers still aren’t available for sale in the same way, meaning you’ll need to find them in The Lands Between.

The surest way to get a bunch of Smithing and Dark Smithing Stones is in Elden Ring’s many underground mines and tunnels. These are small dungeons, full of hard working miners, mining for precious metal. Inside you’ll find plenty of what you need. Some are hidden behind breakable boxes, barrels, or wooden planks, so be sure to go through every inch of these mines.

Stones you find inside don’t respawn, meaning you can come back later and pick up any you might have missed, or just avoided because they were guarded by tough enemies.

Using this handy Elden Ring interactive map, you can filter out these tunnels, as well as all possible Smithing Stone spawn locations, making it easier to find the type you want.

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