Dublin artist’s gem of an idea for avocado pits

Most of us throw them away, but a Dublin artist is turning avocado pits into jewelry.

Ciarán Santamaria of Drumcondra started engraving Celtic symbols on the stones because he thought throwing them away was a waste.

Ciarán said, “One day I was pulling the pit out of my avocado and I thought, ‘Is there any other use for this pit?’ try this.”

Ciarán Avocado Stone Carvings

From one stone, Ciarán can make two jewels. However, there are only so many avocados a man can eat.

That’s why Ciarán turned to his local Fair Trade store for a helping hand.

Ciarán said: “I contacted ‘Small Changes’ in Drumcondra and asked if I could leave a jar for their customers to donate their avocado pits.”

A few days later, Ciarán received a call saying that there were 30 stones ready to be collected.

Store manager Niall Brack said: “We were expecting to have four or five but people have really responded positively. These are jewels that don’t cost the planet and it’s a really cool way to reduce waste.”

Ciarán now hopes to sell her avocado stone jewelry in markets around the country.

He said, “When people hear the pieces are avocado pits, they’re shocked. They think they’re amazing too. Of all the ideas I’ve had, this is the best.”

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