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Bambi Dodson Rush organized Chain of Love nine years ago to better help families in Tahlequah, and this Christmas season her organization continues to provide hope to those in need as she seeks status. association.

“We have grown up and helped people in the surrounding communities. We receive donations of clothing, medical supplies and we give them back to the public,” Rush said.

They always organize a collection for children who need coats, hats, blankets and other supplies. Before Tahlequah’s public schools got a grant to pay for school supplies, Chain of Love was running campaigns to provide such materials.

Rush grew up in a family of service. When her children began to leave home, she discovered that opportunities for service had opened up to her.

“I have always loved helping people. I had seven children. When they started moving, we started giving to people in need. It started to grow and grow. Give and help. always been an important part of my life, ”she said. noted. “My grandparents raised me. They always gave and helped others. As I grew up, it became part of who I am.”

Currently, they have a storage unit where they keep their materials. Rush posts articles on Facebook to request articles and community members provide them to others in need.

“If someone needs something that we don’t have, we’ll post a message and try to get it,” Rush said.

In the first two years, they donated around 300 gifts to children in the area. To celebrate the event, she found a Santa outfit and her husband, Ronnie Rush, handed out gifts to the children on the NSU trail. Chain of Love hopes to host a similar event this year.

“Without people in the community who are generous, our organization would not be possible because we operate solely by donations. We are not funded by anything else and we thank everyone who contributes,” said Rush.

Currently, they are in need of gifts for teenagers. Popular gifts include headphones, jewelry, or makeup.

“Teenagers are the ones who are always forgotten in toy drives,” she said.

You can help

For more information, join the private group at or call 918-207-7080.

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