Cartier unveils Panthère de Cartier chain bags

The French luxury brand Cartier has just unveiled its Panthère de Cartier Chain handbags, displaying its inimitable know-how in both jewelry and leather goods.

Modeled by actress Lily Collins, the Panthère de Cartier bag collection combines leather with the brand’s signature animal. Imitating the fluidity of the movements of the feline, the accessory sports sensual curves. Its slightly exaggerated shape has no hard edges or visible seams, resulting in a soft and elegant handbag. The clasp makes a bold statement as its fierce panther head design takes center stage. The sculptural piece is crafted with eleven leather panels for added depth, while the inside tab features an illustrated panther’s head for complete stylistic cohesion. Combining form and function, the handbag also includes an interior mirror pocket.

Arriving in a diverse color palette, Panthère de Cartier chain bags come in black, navy blue, beige, red, “petroleum blue”, “creamy white and pale yellow”. Coming in two sizes – mini and small, the bags cost US$2,700 and US$3,200 respectively and are available on the brand’s website.

Take a look at Cartier’s Panthère de Cartier chain bag campaign starring Lily Collins in the gallery above.

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