Asian doll wrestles after someone tries to rip her chain off

UPDATE (August 21):

After the altercation, Asian Doll hopped on her Twitter page to offer her version of what happened with the woman who tried to rip her chain off at an event. In a series of tweets, Asian called the attacker “Ms. Dior” (the woman wore a Dior outfit during the fight) and claimed she beat the woman up for trying to steal her channel.

“We snatch hoes, they pretend to fuck dior laughing, that ain’t funny [tears of joy emoji]“, she tweeted.

“Touching the ground doesn’t even sound good to me Ms. Dior and when they kicked you out I ran after you and started beating you 1 on 1 you don’t even wanna fight no more bitch I become crazy in real life we ​​all from the tf hood,” she continued.

“I’m not even talking about the situation and I wasn’t mad because I literally had my 1 on 1 and WON [tears of joy emoji] m/s. I needed that shit but got knots instead[.]”

Asian concluded that she never fell to the ground during the fight but that the woman who tried to rip her chain off saw stars during the punches.

“I’ll never fall and it’s a lot of niggas around me that I even touch the ground,” she wrote. “After I reached that female dog, I saw a nun other than stars [tears of joy emojis] don’t leave santa clause friday after the next lie y’all [cry laughing emoji] this dog was stressed and almost died.”


Asian Doll got into a physical altercation with someone who tried to rip off her diamond chain.

On Sunday (August 21), a video surfaced showing Asian Doll struggling with another woman who apparently tried to rip off her diamond-encrusted necklace. In the clip, Asian is clearly restrained by the woman as onlookers watch and film the altercation.

During the fight, Asian Doll is seen kicking the failed chain thief and saying, “Stupid bitch, are you stupid?” Another person, filming the fight, yells, “Stop messing with them, Asian. Get that shit up, Asian. On blood, get that shit up, Asian!” Fortunately, security intervenes and separates the two women and rushes the Asian into a waiting vehicle. Watch the video below.

Strangely, after the altercation, the offender jumps to her Facebook page to clarify what happened and, shockingly, explain her reasoning for trying to snatch Asian Doll’s chain.

The woman explained that there had been no fight and that she had not been beaten. Apparently, during the scuffle, security picked her up by the neck and threw her to the ground. She said she initially tried to take a picture with Asian, but alleges the Texas rapper teased her with his expensive chain.

“All the time she fucked with me,” she said. “I’m ripping this shit off. I grabbed this shit with all my might. This shit didn’t come out.”

It’s unclear if the woman was trying to snatch Asian Doll’s “BRAT” diamond chain which she prominently displays on her Instagram account.

Watch the woman explain why she’s trying to rip the chain off an Asian doll below

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