A man has a metal ball chain stuck in his manhood [PHOTOS] | 101.5KGB

A man has had his penis cut open by doctors after a chain of metal beads got stuck inside.

The man went to hospital complaining of a sharp, stabbing pain running through his genitals, which he described as a sensation ‘like electricity’.

Doctors found the man, in his 30s, had attempted to ‘climax’ by dangerously inserting jewelry into his urethra.

After reaching the climax of the interesting masturbation technique, he fell asleep and later woke up in unbearable agony.

The large beads of the chain were embedded in his penis and he couldn’t remove them for fear of further injury.

The worried man consulted doctors to save him from his predicament.

The urologist who treated the patient said: “The patient didn’t know how to remove the chain at home. He was already injured and stuck, but if he had tried to remove it his whole urethra could have been damaged. “

The doctor added that under normal circumstances the chain should have pulled out, but the man’s urethra had tightened due to the strain.

He said the man was in “severe discomfort” and the beads were affecting sensitive nerves causing “throbbing pain like electricity”.

Surgeons had to open his penis to untie the knot before reconstructing his urethra.

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