26 Shirts Unveils New “26” Logo, Marking the Company’s Official Migration to More Than Just Shirts

Image courtesy of 26 Shirts


Mon 05 Sep 2022 07:00

After nearly a decade of growth as a company, 26 Shirts is dropping “Shirts” from its primary logo starting Labor Day, September 5. Here’s why :

The goal of 26 Shirts has always been to help local families and charitable foundations in need, with an emphasis and priority on health/medical issues or unexpected family emergencies.

Company founder Del Reid, whose passion lies in charitable giving and serving others, remains focused on one goal: How can 26 Shirts do more to help the community?

“As we approach $1.5 million in donations through our incredible community, we want to offer even more to our customers. The more we are able to grow as a company, the more people we can help support. “, did he declare.

Two years ago, that meant offering more shirt designs each week. Now that means extending even further than shirts.

“We already offer more hats and jewelry, but we want to continue to expand into areas beyond t-shirts,” Reid says. “We definitely want to be careful not to over saturate our market, while maintaining the product quality that our customers are used to. We have a lot of exciting things happening that we can’t wait to share with everyone.

Customers can expect to see the new “26” logo appear on more apparel this fall. The company name, 26 Shirts, will remain the same. Only the logo changes, to better reflect the growth of the company and its desire to do more good in Western New York.

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