15 items that are hard to find in all three cities due to supply chain issues

What items are you not finding in Tri-Cities stores lately?

We’ve heard a lot about supply chain issues.

Do you remember the days when it was hard to find toilet paper and bottled water?

What about cleaning products? Supply chain scarcity is a very real problem. We asked you on Facebook,

“What items can’t you find these days?” »

15 items we can’t find in all three cities due to supply chain shortages

Ugh! The supply chain shortage is driving us crazy! Items that were once plentiful in our Tri-Cities grocery stores are scarce these days. And, we don’t know when it will end. It’s all about supply and demand, literally. Bring back our favorites, please.

I remember back in the 70s when there was a gas shortage. It seemed like the lines to get the merchandise were unreal.

Have you noticed higher prices at grocery stores and at gas pumps?

I have stopped buying certain items due to the higher prices. For example, I buy Crystal Light instead of soda.

Big box retailer Costco to report first quarter results

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I also pay much more attention to gas prices. I’m going to take the extra time and do my best to buy gas at Costco. I work too hard for my money and I’m all about saving money.

See the original Facebook post:

What items are you missing due to supply chain issues?

I must admit. I struggle with the shortage of whipped cream cheese. I also need distilled water. Although I only use it when I go back, that is once a year. I think I will manage. And you?

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