10 Marvel Weapons More Powerful Than The Infinity Stones

Few things have changed the course of Marvel Comics the way the Infinity Stones have. More than one war has been fought over them over the years. As it turns out, these stones have taken a lot of toll since they debuted in the comics. The same was true for the MCU.

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But the MCU has painted them as the most powerful objects around. And while that may be true in the MCU, there are more than a few contenders for that crown in Marvel Comics. In fact, some of them could be used to annihilate the Infinity Stones completely.

ten Cosmic cubes have power and numbers

Red skull with cosmic cube

Long before Thanos started chasing the Infinity Stones, he was obsessed with the Cosmic Cube. This powerful item can seemingly do anything, especially when in the hands of someone who knows how to put it to good use.

What Magus and the Goddess ultimately did was collect more from other realities and combine their power. In unison, the various Cosmic Cubes are more than a match for the Infinity Stones.

9 Ultimate Nullifier scares Galactus


Galactus is a fundamental universal constant. A survivor from the previous universe, he became a force of nature that feeds on the energies of the planets to survive. He bestows cosmic power on people to act as his heralds, partly to find food for him and also to warn of his arrival.

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But even the mighty Galactus is afraid. The Ultimate Nullifier in particular scares her as it has the power to erase her from existence. And in the hands of the bold enough and at the right time, it could take out someone wielding the Infinity Gauntlet.

8 In the negative zone, the cosmic control bar cannot be beaten

Annihilus is the insectoid leader of the Negative Zone armies. And he really doesn’t like it when people walk into his kingdom unexpectedly. He’s a picky man and tends to take things like this personally even when they’re not designed that way.

Much of his dominance is due to the Cosmic Control Rod, an item of almost unbelievable power. On its own turf in the Negative Zone, this item is nearly unbeatable. He might even be able to beat the Infinity Stone. Well, as long as the fight is in the negative zone.

seven The Necrosword can apparently kill anyone

Gorr the butcher god

It is known by several names. The Godslayer. All Black. The Necrosword. Whatever name people know, it doesn’t change the fact that this weapon was essentially forged from the shadow of the God of Symbiotes, Knull.

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Gorr the Butcher-God wielded the Necrosword with incredible efficiency, using it to brutally slaughter gods and cosmic beings. Anyone who wields this weapon has the potential to defeat any opponent, no matter what they are armed with.

6 Watoomb’s wand could dominate the gauntlet

There is a seemingly endless array of mystical artifacts scattered throughout the Marvel Universe. While they all have their own unique powers and abilities, the effectiveness with which they are used honestly defines just how devastating they can be. This is certainly true of Watoomb’s wand.

When it comes to Watoomb’s Wand, sometimes it seems like this artifact is capable of anything. He can create portals, heal people, find anyone, and more. Most importantly, he can manipulate energy, giving him an advantage over the Infinity Stones.

5 The Norn Stones have a mind of their own

Loki gives Hood the Norn Stones

Some people think of Loki as the trickster of Marvel Comics. In reality, it is so much more malicious than that. Even the most innocuous-sounding “pranks” often have a dark, sinister subtext that leads to something much, much worse.

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One of his favorite tools is the Norn Stones, mystical objects of Asgardian origin. What makes them dangerous is that these rocks are actually quite intelligent and alter their abilities to suit the person using them. In the wrong hands, the Norn Stones have the potential to crush the Infinity Stones.

4 The Tactigon is incredibly versatile

KIA using the Tactigon during Avengers Initiative

When fighting an opponent, the best way to gain an advantage is to determine their weaknesses. But even with these weaknesses in mind, it can still be difficult to take advantage of them in any meaningful way. The Tactigon can help you do that.

Originally an alien weapon, the Tactigon can assess an enemy’s weakness and then transform into the perfect weapon to exploit them. Even someone wielding a weapon as powerful as the Infinity Gauntlet has a weakness. This makes them potentially vulnerable to the Tactigon.

3 The Darkhold contains untold power

Few books chill the hearts of mystics in Marvel Comics like Darkhold does. Centuries ago, the evil elder god known as Chthon wrote down all the dark magic he knew. Eventually the spells were put on printed pages instead of flesh and bound into a book. This was the birth of the Darkhold.

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The power of black magic contained in this book cannot be fully understood, even by the most powerful mystics in the world. In the hands of a skilled mage, it’s not hard to imagine it could be used to defeat the Infinity Stones.

2 The Crimson Jewel of Heroes and Villains of Cyttorak Power


Sometimes he is known as a god. Sometimes he is known as a demon. The one constant when it comes to the being known as Cyttorak is that his power is overwhelming. And when he crossed the line eons ago, he was banished to the Crimson Cosmos inside his namesake gem.

The power of the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak was used by Doctor Strange. But it also gave the Juggernaut his phenomenal powers. This artifact should never be overlooked as it has the potential to defeat anyone or anything.

1 The heart of the universe is mysterious and powerful

When it comes to the core of the universe, the name of the game is mystery. No one knows who made it, where it came from or why it exists, not even the fundamental forces of the universe like the Living Tribunal or Galactus.

What is known is that his power levels are off the charts. He is considered omnipotent and omnipotent. While it was thought to have been destroyed after Thanos used it, no one would be shocked to see it reappear. And the Infinity Stones wouldn’t stand a chance.

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